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a cute cartoon drawing of two furry characters, a winged cat and a griffon

We are a married couple living on an off- grid homestead in rural Portugal. As well as creating weird and wonderful outfits, we enjoy spending time in nature and with our animals. If you would like to know more abut us, our land, and our animals, you have come to the right place!

Tegan/ Wishkamon




Traffic cone creations festival stall

about the artist 

I am a self taught costume seamstress from the UK. I graduated from the university of Staffordshire in 2012 but I have always been passionate about making things. After university I started making funky clothes and I have not looked back! I have been a part of the fandom since the early 2000s and feel so lucky to have such a kind supportive audience. I also love to write and paint, and am enjoying learning the Portuguese language.


I  am the creative force and seamstress behind everything you see here.


I adore festival aesthetic -the sillier the better.  Another influence is my life long love of mythology and cryptozoology which you can see a lot of in my work. At the end of the day the most important thing to me is fun- I want to create costume and accessories that people love wearing and can fully express themselves in.

a hippy looking man with sunglasses, beard, and poncho

Jimmy/ Quarky





I have a background in computer graphics, with a BA honors in VFX and ND in game design.  I enjoy gaming and hitting up some dungeons and dragons. 100% geek and proud.


I  do a lot of the admin, including sending out quotes, editing pictures, photographing products, postage and packing, and running the etsy shop. I am also learning to sew and help with creating funky clothing.


I am loving living off-grid and caring for our growing horde of animals. I made a promise to myself never to never go back to retail after ten years there, and every day here proves it was the right decision!

Our Off-grid Homestead




We settled in central Portugal in 2019 after traveling Europe in our  self-build camper. We are trying to live as sustainably as we can, meaning all the power for sewing comes from the sun, and all the funds go straight back into the land- we are trying to reforest with native trees and fruit trees so we can live here peacefully in harmony with nature.

We have  Ko-Fi set up for donations/tips/offsetting carbon, and all money there goes straight into trees!




a wooden sign with colourfull lettering

Special thanks to our donors so far-

Sponst    < Blueberries, Lemons

Simbatoast < Cherries, Kiwis

a cute cartoon drawing of a furry character kissing a tree



General assistant

and number one

good girl




Nefairian AKA Big Boy

Face Licking expert and

assistant snuggler





Chief lizard inspector




a dog in a blue dress standing on hind legs
black dog in a custom handmade dinosaur dog coat with spikes and fur, purple
a cat in a baby carrier
a cat sitting on top of a dog

Onyxia AKA

Little Sister

She Very Smol




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