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Kigurumis and Onesies

a fursona kigurumi with wings of a demon fox

Currently the average kigu price is between 700-1000 Euros- it varies a lot depending on the complexity of the design.

By this point, the kigu is a classic! a cosy set of pyjamas great for lunging around at home or tearing up the convention hall! Kigus make a great alternative to a full fursuit when worn with a partial.

  • High quality anti pill fleece

  • 2xl pockets

  • Secure overlocked seams

  • lovingly handcrafted face

  • Oversized baggy fit for comfort

  • Custom made to your specifications

  • Secure metal snaps to fasten

Optional extras are only limited by your imagination, but here are a few ideas... (Click here for example)

  • Hand and feet paws

  • Zip pockets

  • Removable hood (great for suiting!)

  • Removable tail

  • Secret inside pockets

  • Luxury faux fur addons

  • Glow in the dark eyes

  • 3D sculpted hood

  • Floor dragger tails

  • Button or zip fastening

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